Time to Move

During the month of October, yipworld participates in the annual Time to Move campaign. This is a project aimed at increasing young peoples’ awareness of the various information points for the Eurodesk initiative, of which yipworld is one. With the goal to help young people identify whereabouts in their local community they can get access to information on opportunities to work, study or take part in training in a variety of locations around Europe, a variety of promotional activities are staged across the continent throughout the month.

Our aim is to engage young people’s knowledge of the wider European community by providing them with fun, interactive activities. This has included using our Virtual Reality headsets to allow young people a first-hand tour of different European destinations; preparing and cooking foods which are native to different European countries with our Youth Work staff; and taking part in sports which are played in different European countries (which are less common in the United Kingdom) with our Sports Coordinator. This simultaneously breaks down barriers for young people who might not have visited the countries in question before and increases their knowledge of the countries themselves.

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