Easter Scunnered 2022

Easter Scunnered was an absolute blast this year! The young people got to enjoy two amazing jam-packed weeks of activities & excitement! We had everything from Arts & Crafts, to Face Paint & Costumes with plenty of super fun games for the kids to enjoy. Our outdoor games area never got a break; If it wasn’t toilet tag it was golden river, then straight into games of dodgeball & football – we even held our own Yipworld Olympics! All of these high energy events sure does tire people out though, but luckily for the young ones we had that covered too! For anyone needing a quick break from the action we had a make-shift cinema playing enchanting films from Disney & Pixar along with some competitive Mario Kart tournaments in our IT Suite! By the end of Scunnered there wasn’t much we hadn’t done, but there was one big activity left: An Easter Scavenger Hunt! The kids had to locate and find eggs hidden all around the campus with the winner being rewarded a whole bunch of generously donated chocolate eggs from George Telfer Funeral Directors in Cumnock. In the end we had out winner: everyone! The winners we’re a little bit grumpy that they didn’t get to take home 40+ chocolate eggs, but they did settle for 2! Overall, this Easter Scunnered was a brilliant success with all the young people having an amazing time! Hope to see everyone again for Summer Scunnered!

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